Cheese Board (10″ X 6.7″)


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Our beautiful bamboo cutting boards will pair nicely with your kitchen decor. Pick one up today to add a unique Alaskan touch to your home. Our bamboo cutting boards also make a great gifts for weddings, showers, anniversaries, or housewarmings!

**Care Instructions**
1. All wood cutting boards benefit from conditioning them with oil. Oil your cutting board prior to use with cutting board oil. DO NOT use cooking oils as they will turn rancid.
2. For best results, regularly oil your cutting board (approximately once a month or whenever it starts to look dried out).
3. After using your cutting board, wash it with soap and water. NEVER place your cutting board in a dishwasher, or soak it in the sink.

***Important Notice***
Our cutting boards are made from real bamboo. The grain and color of the bamboo as well as the quality of the engraving may vary slightly from what is shown in the listing pictures due to the naturally occurring unique patterns on every piece of bamboo. Also please note, that the engraving color may vary from cutting board to cutting board. Cutting boards may warp if not taken care of properly. Laser Art Alaska is not responsible for any damage done to cutting boards in shipping. All responsibility for damage is under the United States Postal Service.

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Dimensions 6.7 × 10 × 0.6 in

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