Please Note That Instructions May Change And These Are Only Recommendations

How To Care for Bamboo Cutting Boards:  

Hand wash your  bamboo cutting board in warm soapy water. Towel and air dry your board on edge. It's that simple! All wood cutting boards benefit from periodic conditioning, so we recommend treating your new board with mineral oil. Just spread the oil across the surface of your new board rub the oil in to the board and let sit overnight. If possible, then wipe away any remaining oil before use. Repeat this process whenever the board looks dry.Please do not soak your bamboo (or any wood) cutting board. Prolonged submersion in water can open the natural fibers and cause splitting. Use lemon juice or baking soda if your board develops any weird stains or smells. Sprinkle some juice or powder over the spot, then scrub it with a damp, warm rag. Afterward, your board should smell fresh and look clean once more. Keep in Mind You will need to oil your board regularly to keep up the shine and water-proofing. About once a month is a good schedule to keep; however, if you’re a cooking enthusiast who’s breaking out your board a few times a day, you may want to up the frequency to every two weeks. Bamboo needs a certain amount of moisture to keep from splitting and cracking. You don’t want to use a cleaning product that will dry out the board like bleach or rubbing alcohol. Never use cooking oils to season your board, as these will turn rancid.

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